Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two Questions on Insensitivity

1) I have been in a discussion on the subject of the Ground Zero mosque on another blog, where John expressed that the Ground Zero mosque is good and that the insensitive argument doesn't hold water, while I think that the building of the mosque is insensitive to the 9/11 victims' families and should not be built in that location if the Imam really does want to "build bridges".  Well, in my first part of the discussion on his blog I mentioned the insensitivity issue/argument as well as other issues related to 9/11 and he came back at me with a response saying the insensitivity issue/argument wasn't legitimate and the concerns connect Islam to violence when that connection shouldn't be.  Anyways, I tried to show how insensitive he was being without getting personal and insensitive myself but I felt I had no choice but present a hypothetical personal scenario to present a compelling and thoughtful argument expressing just how insensitive it is for he and others to think that  it is good for this mosque to be built basically at Ground Zero.  Was I wrong to do this? Was it legitimate for me to point his insensitivity out in this way at what seemed to be the last resort?  Is it wrong as a last resort to get personal and insensitive in a hypothetical scenario?  Should you just move on and forget about proving your argument or persuading the other party? What is your position on the Ground Zero mosque?

2) Do you think it is appropriate to show pictures of aborted babies in public? Should we be "insensitive" to others when showing the truth, that abortion kills?

If you can think of any other occasions when you think it is acceptable to be insenstive for the greater cause or to expose the truth or tell the truth please let me know.


JW said...

Certainly I think you're entitled to your opinion and should apologize for it. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint. It was interesting to read, and I think I got something out of it!

Teresa said...


What I am puzzled about is he has his comments moderated but posted it without a response, so far. I was going to apologize immediately, but my husband suggested I at least wait for a response before I did so, so I'm kinda debating whether I should listen to my husband's advice or apologize immediately.