Sunday, May 8, 2011

Parents Need To Be *There* For Gender-Confused Kids

Parents need to be understanding of kids who experience gender confusion and support their kids in the body they have or in the gender they were born with in this world. Parents should not help them to transform from the gender in which God created them as to a different gender where doctors misuse their abilities/talents to play God and experiment with children's gender identity because of inadequacies - normal inadequacies - that youth feel while growing up from a preteen into adulthood .  Parents should be supportive of their children and help them to work through their gender issues, not exacerbate them by undermining and questioning whether they're the correct gender or not. In my opinion there is no legitimate reason to change a person's identity and hormone makeup due to persons having confusion with their gender.  This only damages their psyche worse.

Here is an article from Mercatornet called Gender-confused kids need parents who think straight:

I am not making this up.

Twelve-year-old children in the United Kingdomwho feel confused about their gender now can opt to receive puberty-blocking drugs while they make up their minds whether to be male or female.

The hormone blockers inhibit development of sex characteristics, such as facial hair in boys and full breasts in girls. A child who later opts for a sex-change operation, the thinking goes, will have fewer “parts” in need of changing.
Gender-confused teens 16 and over already have access to the medication. But this latest decision by the U.K. ethics board allows younger children, even 12 year-olds, to receive the hormone blockers. Stipulations: the children must give “formal consent” and their parents must affirm their “full support” for the decision.

Why would any straight-thinking parent purposely “stunt” their child’s normal, healthy, sexual development so they can switch genders more easily later on?
Well, they wouldn’t.

From the first sonogram or moment of birth, parents everywhere delight in knowing whether they have a girl or a boy—a son or a daughter. The baby’s body reveals an unequivocal truth about who that child is--male or female. And a young child’s confused protests to the contrary can’t change that.
The reality of male-female sexuality becomes an inconvenient truth, however, to agenda-driven LGBT-types. They reject the “gender-binary” mindset, positing instead a sliding scale, a gender spectrum, with each of us eventually choosing our own comfortable spot.

And if that comfortable, self-identified place happens to contradict bodily reality? According to the gender-bending folks, it’s the person’s body that’s out of whack, not the person’s self-perception. And this is the fiction they sell to teens, parents,teachers, doctors and counselors.
That is why a 12 year-old boy who decides that he doesn’t quite feel like a male can instruct willing docs in the U.K. to halt his body’s developing masculinity.  

Instead of trying to clear up the poor lad’s confusion--teaching his parents to affirm his biological sex while counseling him towards self-acceptance--the “gender identity” evangelists prefer to validate his confusion.

In the process, they thwart his body’s normal sexual development in anticipation of pumping him with female hormones a few years later. (And once he takes cross-sex hormones, he will become irreversibly sterile—the same fate suffered by girls who “become” male.)
Just think--all this before he is even legally old enough to swig a beer.

The parents and doctors involved in this outrageous practice seem more confused than the poor children themselves. In the adults’ minds, pressing pause on the puberty button “gives us a window to explore together that they [the kids] are definitely making the right decision” to select a different gender, says Dr. Polly Carmichael, director of the lone clinic that treats gender identity disorder in the UK.

This medical madness may be new to the British side of the pond, but it’s old hat in the US, where one pediatrician routinely sends confused children speeding down the transgender chute.

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