Monday, February 13, 2012

Bishops Need to Shepherd Their Flock and Guard the Name "Catholic"

There are a couple so called Catholic organizations who are in bed with Planned Parenthood and NARAL which are in support of the Obama contraception mandate "accommodation".  Father Z is calling on the bishops to guard the name "Catholic".    These dissenting organizations are giving the President cover so he can claim that Catholic organizations support this mandate.  They are the Catholic Health Association and Catholics United. These groups need to be called out since they are going against the Church along with going against everyone's religious liberty, and causing scandal to the Church.  The word "Catholic" needs to be removed from their names.  Father Z is also calling on canon 915 to be applied to Pelosi, and all the Catholic public figures who support abortion.

Any entity with the word “Catholic” in its title who supports what the President is doing (which is an attack on our very identity) must be formally stripped of the word “Catholic”.

I stand with Father Z in calling on our bishops to shepherd their flock, and for them to guard the name of "Catholic".

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