Friday, March 9, 2012

Catholic Culture Clash Links 3-9-12

Christopher @ Christopher's Apologies has a great post called Refuting the Arguments in Favor of HHS Mandate, where he points out the 10 most cited arguments in favor of the health mandate. There is an anonymously written article rebutting these false assertions.  The American Catholic has posted this person's refutations of The 10 Most Cited Arguments in Favor of the HHS Mandate.

Boston College, which is Jesuit, has announced the dismissal of Father John Shea. Boston College has decided not to renew his contract after he made his position known to Cardinal Sean O' Malley that he supports women's ordination. He is a dissenting priest who is a proponent of women's ordination, which is contrary to Church teaching.  The college has denied that his position on women's ordination was a factor in their refusing to renew his contract but his supporters have charged that his unorthodox views are the real reason for his departure, not that he was an adjunct professor and the college wanted to hire a full-time professor. Orthodoxy is good.  Keeping true to orthodoxy is keeping true to Catholicism.

The Diocese of Sacramento has decided that it will no longer fund Francis House, which is a homeless center.  The new director who is a Methodist minister is an outspoken supporter of same-sex "marriage" and abortion.  In addition the church where the minister is the pastor is planning on showing an anti-Catholic film on April 4.  Father Michael Kieman and Bishop Soto have decided to stand up for the faith and said that No More Parishioners Money will go to support Francis House since it promotes same-sex marriage and abortion which are contrary to the Catholic faith.

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