Friday, January 4, 2013

Photo of baby Reaching out grabbing doctor's finger during c-section

January 2, 2013, ( – When Alicia Atkins posted a photo taken by her husband during her recent c-section on Facebook, she thought it would only be viewed by a handful of friends. Instead it has drawn the attention of thousands of complete strangers, as well as the media.

The remarkable photo shows Alicia’s newborn daughter, Nevaeh (“heaven” spelled backwards) reaching out and grasping the gloved fingers of a doctor.

Instead “everybody just thought it was the best thing in the world.”
Alicia posted her photo on December 26. At the time she wrote:
This was 10 weeks ago when I was having my c-section and Dr. Sawyer broke my water and my daughter reached up out of my stomach and grabbed the Dr.‘s finger and my hubby caught this special moment.
“I am in awe of this photo,” Alicia said, adding, “Something to remember forever.”

That is awesome and amazing!!! What a special moment.  

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