Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catholic Culture Clash Links 1-20-11

Along with a lot of other great links, I came across a link to a letter of "Principles and Priorities' by the USCCB's president, Archbishop Dolan, on Christopher Apologies blog which I read, and encourage every Catholic citizen to read.  I disagree with much of their letter since it seems like the only two political issues the bishops *get* are abortion and traditional marriage.

Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci, who served for over 40 years as director of the Sistine Chapel Choir, has made the charge that our Church music is in crisis.  "He was a child prodigy, having composed his first Mass at age 12; his best known Mass is the "Misa Jubilei," written in the Holy Year 1950."  Just because isn't used at Mass as often 50 years ago does that really mean that Church music is in crisis?  Especially when the Novus Ordo Mass was established by Vatican II?

 Then we have  Mexican producer and actor Eduardo Verastegui who announced that he is planning to build the largest pro-life women's clinic in the United States. He is truly doing the Lord's Work. God Bless him in his pro-life efforts. This is wonderful news! 

Pope Benedict recently spoke out against the violence being perpetrated against Christians in Egypt. Now Muslim academics are offended, and have called off dialogue with the Vatican. These Muslims are unbelievable!  They continually persecute Christians in the Middle East and then are offended when someone stands up against that persecution.  And, Islam is supposed to be the "religion of peace".   If they really were peaceful, then Muslims wouldn't be committing violence against persons of faiths. 

Christian genocide in Middle East.   

It looks like Obama is going to have a primary challenger in 2012.  This should be interesting. 

Deal W. Hudson has recently written an article where he asked "Do the USCCB understand subsidiarity?" received many responses, but one by Msgr. Pope  stood out.  Monsignor Pope asked, "Is it wise to apply the principle to a specific piece of legislation when the exact metric for subsidiarity isn't even clear?"  I agree with Deal Hudson when he states that "he {Msgr. Pope} is surely not unaware that USCCB support for this particular form of universal health care by federal mandate implies a virtual rejection of subsidiarity in the delivery of health goods and services."   This seems like the USCCB is abandoning a hallmark of Catholic social teaching, which is disgraceful in my opinion.  If we as faithful Catholics can't even rely on our bishops to follow the Faith in political matters correctly or in adherence with Church Teachings how can they honestly expect those who are struggling in the Faith to follow Catholic Social Teachings? 

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