Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Politics With Principle: 10 Characters With Character

The 10 Catholic politicians in Michael Kerrigan's new book called Politics With Principle: 10 Characters With Character are:

Anne Bingaman is a lawyer and entrepreneur originally from the very small town of Jerome, Arizona, who served in the Clinton administration as the head of the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice.

Charlie Black is a GOP political operative who worked closely with the Reagan and George H. Bush administrations and now works hard to train the next generation of political leaders.

Tom Bliley began his career running his family’s funeral business before serving as the Mayor of Richmond and then as a Congressman representing the Commonwealth of Virginia.

William Bulger is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts. His tough-as-nails roots helped him endure as the longest-standing President of the Massachusetts State Senate in the history of the Commonwealth. He later served as President of the University of Massachusetts.

Ben Cardin is a Maryland native who has served as Speaker of the House of Delegates, Congressman from the Third District, and currently as junior Senator from Maryland in the United States Senate.

Richard Carlson headed the Voice of America during the late Cold War and served as an Ambassador during the first Bush administration. Orphaned by a teenage mother, he also worked as a journalist, TV news anchor, sailor, and president of King World Productions.

Paul Eckstein is a prominent litigator from Arizona, who has successfully prosecuted a governor in a state impeachment proceeding as well as built a substantial law practice with Perkins Coie Brown & Bain, PA.

Admiral Tom Lynch served as Superintendent of the Naval Academy as well as captaining the “almost” 1963 National Champion Navy football team. He currently works as a venture capitalist.

Chuck Manatt is a longtime lawyer and political operative in the Democratic Party, who, as National Party Chairman, rebuilt the DNC after Carter’s defeat in 1980. He is a former Ambassador to the Dominican Republic and a dedicated farmer in his home state of Iowa.

Rick Santorum is a former United States Congressman and two-term Senator from Pennsylvania, who is contemplating a run for the 2012 Presidency.

I have only heard of two of these politicians and from what I know Ben Cardin is pro-choice so he can't be that principled a person.  Rick Santorum is in fact pro-life and a moral person. I wonder whose really principled and whose not.  Have you heard of any of these Catholic politicians? Who do you think is principled? 

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Patrick Button said...

As you point out, the list is flawed but it is an interesting idea. Perhaps someone could write a similar book from a Christian perspective.