Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egypt, the Obama Administration & the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt is in complete chaos!  While Mubarak isn't a good choice for a leader I certainly don't want a worse one to crop up amidst all the turmoil.  Does the Obama administration want the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a terrorist organization, to take control of Egypt?  Since there is evidence that the Obama administration held a secret meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood to plan the post-Mubarak government it seems like the administration does want them to take at least partial control of Egypt, if not total control.  How is this good for the United States and the rest of the world?  This is beginning to look a lot like 1979 in Iran, repeating history.  This would be terrible news for the world if this is true.  Tammy Bruce thinks that Obama wants the Muslim Brotherhood in charge.  Wouldn't this be devastating for the world's oil supply if the Muslim Brotherhood were in charge of Egypt? Now, the chaotic situation has gotten even worse since their is now clash of the Egyptians - pro-Mubarak protesters vs. anti-government protesters are going head to head with each other, throwing rocks at one another.  This tumultuous situation calls for much prayer for God's intervention to protect the people.

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