Friday, February 25, 2011

My Thoughts on "12th and Delaware"

I recently viewed the documentary "12th and Delaware" and I recommend that every pro-lifer watch this film. It is extremely interesting.  While on and off throughout the film some things are skewed to favor the pro-choice stance IMO the documentary for the most part is pretty fair to the pro-life side.  I would give the film a 60/40 ratio for skewed favorability toward the pro-choice position.  The documentary explores the happenings inside both a woman's clinic and a crisis pregnancy center in Ft. Pierce, FL which are literally across the street from one another.  The movie does give the impression that abortionists and those who are pro-choice are victims of violence and/or threats more so than those who work in the pro-life movement.  Plus, the film makers seem to want to give the impression that deception occurs within the pro-life movement while it doesn't occur within the pro-abortion movement, which is an utterly false notion.  You will see that on the woman's clinic's sign it doesn't even have that they perform abortions while the documentary focuses more on the fact that the crisis pregnancy center doesn't have a sign noting that they don't perform abortions.  The film especially focuses on the fact that a number of people get confused and mistake the crisis pregnancy center for the abortion clinic because they look so much alike.  While this may be considered deceptive to a degree I would call it a great strategy since it has given the center many opportunities to save a life due to mistaken identity of the buildings. Plus, where is the best place to change someone's mind and stop an abortion from taking place?  Outside an abortion mill or as close as you can possibly get to the clinic.  This film reveals the pro-aborts way of thinking.  Its pretty backwards thinking when you think pro-lifers are more dangerous than abortionists or those working in the abortion mill.  What is more violent then killing another human being?  It really is quite sickening.

The first you tube video below gives a review of "12th and Delaware".  You can tell on which side of the abortion issue the interviewer and the two film producers are on.  In the second video Ann Lotierzo, who runs the pregnancy center featured in the documentary, reveals how the film producers deceived her regarding the filming of the documentary.   In the third you tube video Ann and Father tell of the dangers of being a pro-lifer and how the movie avoided relaying that reality.

Review of "12th and Delaware" abortion documentary

Ann Lotierzo talks about the deceit of "12th & Delaware"

Fr. Euteneuer and Ann discuss the movie "12th and Delaware" and danger on the corner


Anne said...

Hi Teresa, thanks for the review, glad you saw through the deception. Thanks also for posting the videos, it was our only way to express our voice.
If you visit you will be able to read the reports of the gross violations of clinic regulations committed by the abortion clinic filmed in the movie. One report reflects that during the actual filming of the movie, the clinic was in serious violations of basic standards of care. One year later, still in violation and then some.

God bless,


Patrick Button said...

In my hometown of Tallahassee, a pro-life crisis pregnancy clinic took so much business away from the nearby abortion clinic that the abortuary closed. The pregnancy clinic then moved next to the remaining abortion clinic in town.

Great post!

Teresa said...


Thank you for stopping by and commenting. The whole abortion movement is based on deception and lies. My pleasure to help out the pro-life cause and the innocent unborn babies. Anytime you need help reaching people with videos etc. just let me know and I'll post the information on both my blogs. God Bless in all your efforts.

Teresa said...


That is wonderful news! We need to shut down more of these abortion mills and stop the murdering of innocents. I think having crisis pregnancy centers located next to abortion clinics is a great idea. I hope the trend continues.