Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Struggling but offering it up to God

Ever since my surgery it seems like I have had one medical issue pop up or another.  For the past week or so I have had trouble breathing, felt dizzy and today I felt even dizzier than before.  I was blessed to see my doctor today.  I am so blessed to have a doctor who cares so much about me.  He gave me orders to rest.  This means no work, which means less money coming into the household.  But, I know God will help provide for us.

Here is a prayer to offer up our sufferings.

Dear Lord,
Help me to remember in these troubled times
The cross you carried for my sake,
So that I may better carry mine
And to help others do the same,
As I offer up (whatever your concern or problem here) to you
For the conversion of sinners
For the forgiveness of sins
In reparation for sins
And for the salvation of souls. Amen


Quite Rightly said...

Feeling bad for you Teresa. Prayer offered.

Treatment for dizziness: Boil one or two quarter-sized slices of fresh ginger root in a couple of cups of water for 10 minutes to make a tea. Sweeten it (a lot), then drink. This is an herbal remedy that really works. You'll be surprised.

Teresa said...

Thanks so much Quite Rightly. I will try this treatment out. God Bless.