Monday, December 5, 2011

Peter Kreeft: How To Win The Culture War

This a marvelous speech, which I recommend to all the faithful.

Kreeft gives 7 basic reasons as to how we could be losing the culture war.

He gave this acronym to remember the reasons.

P - Politicization
H- Happy Talk
O- Organization
N- Neoworship
Y- Yuppidom
S- Spirituality

After that he goes over reasons on how to win the culture war.


Marco said...

PHONEY!! I love it!

Teresa said...

Me too, Marco!

FYI - I am having trouble commenting on blogs where the comment is at the bottom of the page. For some reason I just get this little box which makes it impossible to pick my profile. If you could pass this along I would appreciate it. I have visited blogs but unable to comment.

Marco said...

I experienced that glitch too!

Teresa said...


I'm not having much luck with the blogger helpers assisting me. Do you have any suggestions for fixing it?

Blogger sure does seem to have quite a few bugs attached to it.