Monday, August 2, 2010

Bishop Malcolm McMahon To Defend Church's Teaching on Celibacy

Two days prior to the Pope’s visit to the UK Bishop Malcolm McMahon will defend the Church’s teaching on celibacy in a major debate.

“The bishop will be joined by Jack Valero, spokesman for the Cause of Cardinal Newman and the co-ordinator of Catholic Voices, and Fr Stephen Wang, dean of studies at Allen Hall seminary.”

‘The motion of the debate will be: “Celibacy should no longer be a compulsory requirement for the Roman Catholic priesthood.”’ The three of them wanted to explain the Church’s views on the issues. Jack Valero called the movie Conspiracy of Silence “emotional blackmail” and all three of them will show that any person who chooses to marry may do so, and that no one is forced into the priesthood.

Do you think that celibacy should be a compulsory requirement for the Roman Catholic priesthood ?

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