Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Never Forget 9/11; Can Archbishop Dolan Ease Tensions?

I never thought that anyone could possibly forget about a horrific tragedy such as 9/11, and yet somehow it seems that those folks who are for a mosque being built a stone's throw away from Ground Zero have forgotten about 9/11.  We don't have a site honoring the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, so why should we have a mosque built so, so, so close to where 3000 innocents were killed by Muslim extremists on 9/11?

Here is a video to help reawaken those who may have forgotten about that tragic day 9 years ago:

H/T LCResistance

Here is Fr. Jonathan Morris and Megyn Kelly on Archbishop Dolan mediating the mosque debate. I agree with Fr. Jonathan Morris.  Do you think that there are limits to religious liberty?  Both the cultural center idea or moving the mosque to a much less sensitive place sound like good and respectful solutions to me.

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