Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fr. Benedict Groeschel Speaks on the Civil Rights Movement, the Faith & Mother Teresa

This is a most fascinating interview!! Fr. Benedict Groeschel talks on the Catholic Faith, the Civil Rights movement, the Democratic Party, and the future of the United States.  I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting with and hearing Fr. Groeschel talk about Mother Teresa in person. I happened to be on a mission trip with Franciscan University where we helped the poor in various capacities across New York City, and the group of us stayed right next door to his monastery.  We had the opportunity to help out in one of Mother Teresa's places in Harlem which was a temporary shelter for women run by the Missionaries of Charity.  I can remember helping the Sisters and seeing them sing and pray while preparing food. I had a wonderful experience on the week long missionary trip.

Unfortunately the videos are not embeddable so here are the links to the interview:


Christopher said...

Thanks for posting this Teresa; I'm always blessed whenever I get to listen to Fr. Groeschel. I've heard him speak numerous times at Franciscan University.

Teresa said...

My pleasure, Christopher. It is wonderful that you had the opportunity to hear Fr. Groeschel speak at FUS. He is such a blessing.

veneremurcernui said...

Thanks so much Teresa, for the video, and for the service.

Praise God!

Teresa said...


Thank you so much for your service, also.
God Bless!