Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Walking the Walk and Not Just Talking the Talk

Tito Edwards of The American Catholic has posted an excellent article by Charles E. Rice on the Notre Dame 88, which outlines the great injustice being committed by Notre Dame.  Notre Dame refuses to drop the charges against Fr. Norman Weslin, O.S. and the rest of those who were arrested while peacefully entering Notre Dame Campus and praying while Obama, the most pro-abortion president ever, was receiving an honorary degree from Notre Dame. Charles E. Rice explains about motions and decisions that have been made by the court so far.  He also talks about questions left unresolved.   On April 30, 2010 Fr. Jenkins released  a statement saying:
“the University cannot have one set of rules for causes we oppose, and another more lenient set of rules for causes we support.  We have one consistent set of rules for demonstrations on campus—no matter what the cause.”
Charles E. Rice points out how Father Jenkins statement is untrue.  In fact, there is evidence that the university treats pro-gay and anti-military supporters better then their own pro-life, Catholic brethren.  Then, Mr. Rice shares information on the "criminals" that have been stigmatized and targeted by Notre Dame.

I am so sick of Catholic Universities being CINO and violating Church Teaching.  These universities, Bishops, priests, and parishioners need to stop being CINO's.  The Bishops, priests, and professors need to start walking the walk and not just talking the talk- and some don't even do that anymore.  Many Catholic universities have abandoned Catholic principles and have accepted the liberal platform, promote that platform, which is diametrically opposed to Catholic Tradition or Catholic values.  Even those catholic universities which are Traditional or conservative, when push comes to shove and they have a choice of CYA or standing up for what's right, IMO it seems like they abandon Catholic principles and choose protecting the university's image rather than standing up for the student or whomever. I know of this because I have been personally affected by the decisions of the higher ups at the university level. 

I attended a very Traditional Catholic college in Ohio and put the priests and maybe even the professors on a pedestal and thought that they were the light of the world, the greatest and could do no wrong. I thought that they would do the "right" thing and watch out for me.  Boy was I wrong. Well, something awful happened to me while attending the university and it was compounded by the fact that it involved a faculty member and because of this the university covered it up and they scapegoated me.  I found out that at least some of the university staff only talked the talk, and most certainly did not walk the walk. I felt like my heart had been ripped out of me. I loved being at this college and had made many friends there. It really hurt that this college was making false accusations about me to cover up for the professor, and to save the reputation or image of the college.  So, when the priest sex abuse scandals started surfacing I could believe that this could happen. If a small cover up could occur at a small university why couldn't a huge cover up or multiple little cover ups occur in parishes nationwide? 

First, I was in shock, then sad and angry.  Then, I shelved my anger and sadness for awhile. Then I became angry at the Catholic Church and struggled with my Faith. I connected the Catholic Church as a whole with what had happened to me at the Catholic university.  Then, my husband helped me to realize that the people who did this to me are human and humans sin or do wrong, and do not represent the Church. Over the past three years or so I have met some wonderful Catholic friends online and they have helped me to overcome many of my struggles with my faith.  I thank them, my husband, and my parents for helping me to overcome many of the struggles I have had with my faith.

I just wish people would do the right thing - make the right decision- no matter how hard the decision was instead of making the easy decision and taking an easy out.

Let us pray for all Catholics or former catholics who have abandoned the Catholic faith and those dissenters who are leading the flock astray that they may return to the One True Faith and return to following the Magisterium. God Bless.

Here is a video of Michael Voris talking on Walking the Walk:


Anonymous said...

Teresa this site looks great!

As I read this post I can not help but think of the parable of the wheat and the tares.

Teresa said...

Thank you very much for your compliment and the follow, Trestin.

Maggie Thornton said...

Teresa, I'm not Catholic, but I believe, no matter whether Catholic or Protestant, we the parishoners, must know the Bible that we believe to be Holy, and eschew all else, no matter who is speaking from the pulpit or who is making the case for any cause, including political causes. God gave us a brain to use to determine what each of us believes to be God's will. Shame on those who preach the opposite of what they stand for. It is a problem both Catholics and Protestants deal with daily.