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Catholic Culture Clash 11-20-10

It's been a long while since I've posted a Catholic Culture Clash post so don't be surprised if I do multiple posts over the next couple of days in order to catchup on the news in our culture.

In Cardinal George's final address, he defends the bishops opposition health reform bill because of abortion being in the law:   

"Our voice was that of the bishops of our country for the past hundred years: in a good society, everyone should be cared for, especially the poor. The goal of basic health care for all continues to be a moral imperative, not yet completely achieved, but it is not now and has not been up to the bishops to decide the means to realize that goal. We have only very cautiously entered into details of public policy, for this is more properly the work of lay people, as it has been in the health care debate. Universal health care can be delivered using many means: everything publicly funded, everything privately funded or a mixture of the two. Any of these solutions could be moral, and it is up to lay people to decide which are the best means to see to it that everyone is cared for.

But once political leaders and health care experts decided to use government subsidized insurance as the vehicle, the means, for providing more universal health care, it was our moral obligation as teachers of the faith to judge whether the means pass moral muster, whether or not the proposed legislation uses public funds to kill those living in their mother’s womb. Consistently, and ever more insistently since the sin and crime of abortion was legalized in the United States, our voice has been that of the bishops of the Catholic Church ever since the first Christians condemned the abortion practices of the ancient Romans. The act is immoral; and the laws that have permitted now fifty million children of our country to be killed in their mother’s womb are also immoral and unjust; the laws are destroying our society."

“We should not fear political isolation; the Church has often been isolated in politics and in diplomacy,” he continued. In a likely reference to the Catholic Health Association and other Catholic supporters of the measure, he added, “We need to be deeply concerned, however, about the wound to the Church’s unity that has been inflicted in this debate and I hope, trusting in the good will of all concerned, that means can be found to restore the seamless garment of ecclesial communion.”

While I fully support Cardinal George and the other bishops reasoning for opposing the health care law I would still be opposing it even if it banned abortion funding because socialism fails, government-run health care fails, and this whole law (minus a few items like banning the ability for insurance companies to deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions) is a debacle.  Congress used lies, distortions, and bribes to pass this nightmare of a law.  Plus, our representatives (who really didn't represent the will of the American people) only passed this law so that they can have more power and control over our lives, thereby limiting our freedom and liberties.

From Stephen Ryan has a message for Bishop Robinson who wrote an article on the Huffington Post called  "How Religion is Killing Our Most Vulnerable Youths"  and writes that "An increasingly popular bumper sticker reads, "Guns Don't Kill People -- RELIGION Kills People!" In light of recent events I would add religion kills young people: gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender young people."

This is such nonsense!!  RELIGION DOES NOT KILL PEOPLE!!!  It would be really good if the liberal media stopped distorting the truth about religion.  The liberal media has made it known that they hate traditional Christianity.  Is the liberal media the ones who actually have blood on their hands?

There are promises of pushback from pro-life groups over a late-term abortion practitioner LeRoy Carhart who is hoping to expand his abortion business to Iowa and Maryland.  We must stop this state sponsored infanticide!!  God Bless the pro-life groups efforts to stop the murders of innocents.

While speaking on economic growth in the Philippines, former President Bill Clinton made a most remarkable statement: "You have a huge population, which is a positive..."  This is pleasntly suprising.  CatholicCulture goes onto to talk on the subject of planned pregnancies, unintended consequences, and Uncle Sam's bad imagePopulation control is the problem.  In all probability the United States would not be experiencing such a dramatic shortfall in our deficit, debt, and in our funding of social security if we had had another population increase, like occurred during the baby boomer era.   Procreation is one solution which will help fix the problems in the U.S. as well as in third world countries.  

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"Religion kills people!" Right. Stalin killed all those people because of that time he spent in the seminary, not because of his atheistic communism.

Nice post. Keep up the good work!