Monday, November 1, 2010

Thoughts on the Deadly Siege at the Catholic Church in Baghdad & Voting

There was a siege at the Our Lady of Deliverance Catholic Church in Baghdad yesterday where at least 52 people were killed. Some Al Qaeda gunmen were holding about 120 Catholic parishioners hostage inside the church. The Iraqi security forces decided to be proactive and try and save the hostages. This is so tragic. Let us keep the wounded, dead, and other survivors in our thoughts and prayers as they cope with this traumatic event and horrible tragedy. In this tumultuous time, may God bring peace to all the survivors in Iraq. Let’s pray that God changes the hearts and souls of the terrorists so that they stop committing violence.

Cardinal-designate Burke has commented on Catholics duty to follow Catholic social teaching with regards to abortion - to advance the pro-family or pro-life agenda - and to vote for pro-life candidates. I believe that as Catholics it is very important that we follow Catholic social teachings and stop harming our souls by supporting intrinsic evils such as abortion and candidates who support the intrinsic evil of abortion. Abortion is murder. We cannot condone abortion (murder) by giving our approval to those political candidates who support the murder of innocents by supporting the legalization of abortion. Abortion is not a matter of choice but rather a matter of life. It is unfortunate that there are quite a few pro-abortion Catholic politicians and many Catholics who abandon their faith by voting for pro-abortion politicians. As a resident of Pennsylvania, I will be voting for Pat Toomey, Tom Corbett, and Tim Murphy who are all pro-life candidates.

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