Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Baseball Player's Tattoo and His Faith

Ever since I was a kid I have been a big fan of baseball so I thought that I would pass on this article which combines both faith and baseball.  This article focuses on Andres Galarraga's tattoo on his arm of the Blessed Virgin Mary and his devotion to his faith.

From Brian Caulfield at Headline Bistro:

Like many professional sports stars, he has a tattoo on his arm. But the image Andres Galarraga has imprinted on his left bicep is of the Blessed Mother. The baseball slugger credits God with healing him from lymphoma more than 10 years ago, and he is not shy about sharing his Catholic faith with fellow ballplayers.
I spoke with him last month during a trip to the Florida spring training camps that was arranged by Catholic Athletes for Christ, which schedules Mass to be offered in stadium clubhouses, making it easier for players to practice their Catholic faith amid hectic game and travel schedules.
In our meeting, Galarraga talked about his devotion to the Mass, his love of Mary and his battle with cancer that almost ended his career. He is one of a number of players and coaches who are practicing Catholics and who offer hope to parents looking for sports figures for their children to emulate. They prove that it is possible to excel at the highest levels of sport and still maintain a strong faith. CONTINUED 

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