Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Catholic Health Care Truly Means

Dr. Patrick Lee, a professor at FUS, has written a great article on the importance of Catholic health care.  Jesus performed a number of miracles such as in John 5:1 when he healed an infirmed man at Bethesda and in Luke 8: 43-48 Jesus healed the woman who was hemorrhaging.  Catholic health care follows in Jesus' example, caring for both the patient's soul and body.  Our Catholic hospitals must continue to follow the Way of Jesus today along with refusing to give in to the temptation of evil in which societal "norms" call for today.

From Legatus:

While there are no Catholic restaurants or Catholic grocery stores, there are specifically Catholic hospitals, clinics, hospices and nursing homes. Why? Catholic health stems from how Jesus conducted his public ministry. He not only preached and forgave sins, but he cured, restoring sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and speech to the mute.
Jesus cured lepers, the lame, and even raised the dead. Moreover, Jesus commanded his disciples to “heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers” (Mt 10:8) and promised them divine assistance in this work (Jn 14:12). So, in serving the sick and caring for the dying, Christians are fulfilling an apostolate, not just a job. The Church is the Body of Christ, the extension of Christ in space and time; and so healing physical sickness, injuries, and caring for the dying constitute part of the Church’s specific mission. Continued  


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

What is not mentioned in this is just where Catholic Diocese's come into the equation?

Can you expound upon this implied question?

Teresa said...


Can you explain exactly what you are asking? This article was explaining Catholic health care in general terms, not specifics.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Well being basically all things officially Catholic (Vatican wise) in any given area are run by the local Diocese be they Churches, schools, hospitals and alike I was wondering exactly where, again, they come into the equation of what was the topic?

It is fine to speak about what "meaning's" and "word's" are, but I am inquiring about how Catholicism puts those word's and meaning into action.

Being all things are local in anybodies case, this brings me back to the local Catholic Diocese and just how the powers that be at that level put these word's and meaning's into action?

I hope that cleared up my question / inquiry.

Please feel free to contact your local Diocese for an answer if you do not know as I would appreciate that as well.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

P.S., Teresa, I am not joking around here. I have very real-world experience in this subject matter.

I am dead serious about contacting your local Catholic Diocese on this if you do not know how to answer as healthcare, as you know, is a very touchy and current issue.

Please feel free to forward your post with my question(s) to them. I am quite sure your reader's would appreciate it too.

Teresa said...

This is a little tricky, in my diocese at least. We have one Catholic hospital, which merged with a non-Catholic hospital system about 3 years ago for monetary reasons. The hospital is still Catholic, under the control of the diocese as far as faith, morals et al. with regards to abortion and other life issues but the diocese shares the financial cost of operating the hospital with the UPMC system.

Here is UPMC Mercy's values:

UPMC Mercy carries out its mission through a commitment to these core values:

Reverence for each person
We believe that each person is a manifestation of the sacredness of human life.

We demonstrate our connectedness to each other through inclusive and compassionate relationships.

We advocate for a society where all can realize their full potential and achieve the common good.

Commitment to those who are poor
We give priority to those whom society ignores.

We care for and strengthen the ministry and all resources entrusted to us.

We dare to take the risks our faith demands of us.

We keep our word and are faithful to who we say we are.

The history of the hospital is on this site:

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

"This is a little tricky"

This I know all too well.

I appreciate the hospital, but again I was seeking the actual actions of the Diocese.

In my personal experience with my local Diocese, and this is not an attack on the Church just real observation, what you original;y posted about is not at all backed-up in real time on the ground where it counts.

This is what I meant in saying;
"It is fine to speak about what "meaning's" and "word's" are, but I am inquiring about how Catholicism puts those word's and meaning into action"

Real people put much real time and real effort and real money towards the Church for their entire lives and yet when real need is asked upon said Church in the name of health they are shunned.

Have your Diocese answer that, it's a little tricky.