Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Joe Biden and China's One-Child Policy

In the 1970's China instituted a one-child policy for population control purposes. China's one-child policy limits couples to one child in urban areas and limits couples in rural areas to two children if the first child is a girl.  Forced abortions and sterilizations are widespread across China.  

 Joe Biden said this statement on China's one-child policy: 

“But as I was talking to some of your leaders, you share a similar concern here in China.  You have no safety net,” Biden said. “Your policy has been one which I fully understand — I’m not second-guessing — of one child per family.  The result being that you’re in a position where one wage earner will be taking care of four retired people.  Not sustainable.”

Why would Biden say that he fully understands China's one-child policy which forces abortions and sterilizations upon women if he really opposes this policy?  I know he was in China when he stated this but I believe he went a bit too far toward condoning China's one-child policy in his statement.  There was a statement released today which said that Biden is opposed to China's one-child policy but I am hesitant to believe it since I know that Biden is an abortion supporter. 

He shouldn't be condoning China's one-child policy in any shape or form.  Abortion is murder whether women make the choice or it is forced forced upon them. The Catholic Church is opposed to abortion and has declared that abortion is an intrinsic evil so for Biden to say the above statement is absurd and unconscionable.  Abortion is morally wrong in all circumstances. He is going against his faith, the Catholic Faith.  

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