Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ohio Catholic School Cancels Ramadan Dinner: Right Thing To Do or Not?

As Catholics we are called to both ecumenism and interfaith dialogue. It is important that we share our faith with others and vice versa.  When I was in grade school I had the privilege of taking part in a Seder Meal.  It was a wonderful experience for me. In Cincinnati, Mother of Mercy Catholic School was going to share an Iftar, an evening meal, with the local chapter of the Council On American Islamic Relations but there is one problem, CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas Jihad Terror funding case. Due to numerous complaints from both parents and citizens who follow the activities of CAIR's national office Archbishop Dennis Schnurr requested that Mother of Mercy School cancel the Ramadan dinner.  Now the Iftar will be held in a Catholic Center, which isn't a school.

Was it right for the school to associate with a terrorist linked organization - CAIR?  Do you think that it was right for the Catholic school to share an Iftar meal with Muslims? Do you think it was right for the Archbishop and school to cave under pressure and cancel the dinner, or move it to a place that isn't a school?

My inclination is that to associate with CAIR is a big mistake.  I am sure that there are plenty of other Muslims who don't have questionable ties and are peaceful that the school could have shared an Iftar meal with.  In general I have no problem with the students in the school sharing in interfaith dialogue with Muslims but their needs to be prudence with which Muslim organizations we associate with and whether the specific organization has ties to terrorism or not. In Today's times we just need to be extra careful who we trust.

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