Monday, September 19, 2011

Catholic Culture Clash Links -- 9-19-11

Some in the LGBT community are not only intolerant but have violently threatened a Catholic blogger at the blog Accepting Abundance with whom they disagree.  This is unacceptable!!!! The hypocrisy in the MSM irks me to no end. If the situation was reversed the MSM would be capitalizing on this and saying how the defenders and promoters of the traditional lifestyle were extremists promoting violence against the LGBT.  But.... NO now we only hear silence coming from the MSM. Those who claim to be tolerant are actually the most intolerant of all.  All we traditionalists want is for the LGBT community to keep their perverse sexual escapades (kissing in public and so on) in the bedroom and not harm our kids.  When those in the LGBT community have Public displays of affection they are not only demanding that we are tolerant of them but they in fact want us to approve of their actions. I do not approve of their actions.  Their actions are contrary to Church teachings and the natural law.  Let us stand with Stacy Trasancos as she combats these devilish threatening comments.  Stacy, you are doing an excellent job standing up for the safety and vulnerability of all children as they are exposed to these perverse actions in public.  God Bless Msgr. Pope for defending Stacy and explaining the Church's position on homosexuality is not one of bigotry.

Apparently there is a challenge to the new same-sex marriage law in New York. Yea!! The attorney general of New York is now asking the case to be thrown out.  I hope the challenge to the law is allowed to move forward.  Governor Andrew Cuomo a not so Catholic Catholyc has caused scandal to the Catholic Church and IMO should at the very least be denied Communion if not excommunicated in order to send a crystal clear message to Catholyc politicians who dissent from Church Doctrine to STOP dissenting from Church Doctrine.

I have written an article on one of my other blogs called, Dancing With The Stars and The Natural Law.  This deals with the whole Chastity-Chaz Bono controversy.  Should our children be exposed to this?

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