Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Plea To Both Lisa Graas and Leila Miller

As a person who has experienced the rift of friendships due to politics and religious differences of opinion on Catholicism please do not let one statement get in the way of 12 years of friendship. It isn't worth it. Another Catholic blogger and I have now begun the healing process and I really don't want another friendship between faithful Catholics to go south.

This whole friction is over these words on Leila's blog, Little Catholic Bubble:

I’m grateful to gay activists for some things — making people people more aware of the prevalence of homosexuality, making homophobia less socially acceptable

 I will honestly say that I read Leila's guest blog post by a gay, Catholic blogger and overall it didn't strike me as being anti-Catholic or charging Catholicism or Catholics as being anti-gay bigots.  That is my overall take but in my opinion these words collide with the overall demeanor of the blog post.  To me these words do give fodder to the LGBT community.  The majority of people who are gay are not Catholic.  I am wondering which gay activists don't make the charge that Catholics and the Catholic Church is "homophobic".  The problem is that most gay activists see the Catholic teachings on homosexuality and homosexual acts as intolerant so for Leila to keep this statement up is almost in effect admitting falsely that Catholic teaching on homosexuality is "homophobic".  Gay activists commit Christianophobia by claiming that Catholic beliefs on homosexuality are "homophobic".

I don't think that Leila should have defended this particular statement.  I also don't think Lisa Graas should end a friendship over this statement staying up on Leila's blog.  I think it would be appropriate for Leila to honor Lisa's request and delete these words from the guest post.  I will be keeping both Leila and Lisa in my thoughts and prayers.

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Lisa Graas said...

Thank you. I didn't read this until today or I would have responded sooner. I didn't end the friendship. I think that was a mutual thing and she blocked my email. I know that Leila loves me and I love her but I have a communication problem that she can't get past and so it is a mutual thing. These things just happen sometimes I guess. Thank you for your prayers. If it would make us friends again, I'd shut my whole blog down, but I don't have any idea what the answer is apart from just turning to Christ with all that I have. Bless you for caring.