Monday, March 14, 2011

Catholic Culture Clash Links 3-14-11

Shame on all the dissenters, those who would pervert both Church Teaching and the Truth, and those who undermine and go against the Magisterium. 

First, we have Kresta in the Afternoon exposing abortion supporters for the selfish barbarians that they are.  Yes, I call anyone who is willing to murder a human being out of pure selfishness a barbarian.  These people are so angry and need a biology lesson.  The supporters of Planned Parenthood are ignorant of the facts and are buying into our "feel good" culture, where according to society only a person's feelings matter regardless of reality and truth.

Then we have a dissident priest named Fr. Manel Pousa who finances abortions, has performed "blessings" of homosexual couples, and supports female "priests" and for some reason the priest has gone unpunished.  The Cardinal Archbishop of Barcelona has not reprimanded this priest.  This is outrageous! The two of them are making a mockery of the Catholic Faith.  This needs to be stopped! I know the Pope doesn't usually get involved with Bishops' decisions but when a priest is causing massive, grave scandal to our Faith and the Cardinal allows such scandal to go on in my opinion it is time for either the Pope or the Vatican to but in and stop the scandal.  

Third, Fr. Longenecker nails our pathetic, relativistic, feel-good culture to a T.  He talks about how the "little devils" (the words I'm using to describe them) in our culture have abandoned "Truth" for sentimentalism, for sexual promiscuity and anything under the sun that they consider to be "inclusive".   All the while these people are excluding the most important thing of all - the Truth. Yes, these people are closed-minded to the truth because they just might have to practice some self-control in their lives.  These people in our culture promote "tolerance"  and relativism while actually being the most intolerant of all.   You can read Father's great article here

Fourth,  we have the Left all in a tizzy over Rick Santorum's Catholicism.  Could it be because Rick Santorum spoke the truth and said that Sharia is evil?  Yes, the Left-wing press is making a big deal about Santorum's comment. The Politico used this title - Rick Santorum: Sharia ‘is evil’.   
Santorum, a devout Catholic, warned about Sharia at CPAC last month, and his latest comments set up a stark contrast between his world view and President Obama’s efforts to court support in the Muslim world.
I agree with Lisa Graas that Santorum has a different - a much different - worldview than President Obama.  Their belief in politics and morality are pretty close to being antithetical to one another.  Heck, just look at the abortion issue.  We have Obama who is the most pro-abortion president ever, who thinks the killing of innocent human beings is okay while Santorum is pro-life, believes abortion to be murder, that the murder of innocents to be morally illicit or immoral and unethical.  Lisa Graas points out that Santorum believes the world to be better off without Sharia.  Does Politico believe that Obama has a different take on Sharia?  Do they think that Obama thinks we are better off with Sharia?  Lisa gives some examples showing exactly why Santorum is correct in describing Sharia as "evil". 


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