Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Worse Than Bunnies in a Blender?

There is a HUGE moral problem when there are people who are outraged at the killing of animals, defend the animals' right to live while at the same time they believe that they have the right to kill baby humans. Why do they value animals lives more than humans? Both babies can't speak but yet these people choose to defend the animals lives over the most innocent human beings. This makes no sense. What if their mothers had decided it was their right to abort them? Don't they realize that if their mothers had decided it was their right to choose to abort them that they wouldn't be living today? These enviro-whackos make me sick. This is another example of how society has become so backwards with regards to morality.


Left-footer said...

Great post! "Enviro-whackos" says it all.

Someone should suggest the banning of disinfectant as cruel to bacteria. I guess they'd run with that one.

Patrick Button said...

Teresa: The outrage is especially silly because the bunnies weren't actually blended!

Left-footer: Very funny suggestion.

Amusing Bunni said...

This was scary, I'd rather watch the bunny swimming on my blog!
It illustrates a good point though, abortion is MURDER.