Sunday, March 6, 2011

I challenge any CHA Hospital and Sr. Keehan to please do the Right Thing and Put their money and Catholic Faith where there Mouth is

Sr. Keehan claims that both she and the CHA hospitals that she runs live out the Catholic faith. She and CHA claim to be champions of the poor.  They claim to be pro-life. But..... So, why haven't any of the CHA hospitals been willing to step up to the plate, do the Lord's Work and help Baby Joseph in his time of need?  Could Sr. Keehan actually part with some of her funds to help a dying baby?  Don't all nuns take a vow of poverty?  If so, what is a nun doing earning (this is what I found on the net) $800,000 per year?  Maybe she could part with some of that money and donate it to a good cause, like helping Baby Joseph?  How about she donate some of that dough to the poor?  Maybe she does already but who knows?  As of now Priests For Life has a jet in Canada that is ready to bring Baby Joseph to a hospital in America.  Baby Joseph and his family are waiting for an American hospital - a Catholic hospital - in the United States to do the right thing.  But, unfortunately for them the silence is deafening.  I am challenging Sr. Keehan and any one of the CHA hospitals to actually live out their Catholic faith and do the right thing.

Fr. Pavone said "Life is in the balance. It's time for the American spirit to rise to this occasion and say 'Let's roll!' " 

Here is a video of Baby Joseph and he is NOT in a vegetative state:

Life is precious and we need to make sure this Little One is given the chance to live as long as he can.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I am with ya on this! Just where do we call this "Nun" to get her off her arse and do something?

Teresa said...


Here is the website with some phone numbers to CHA -

Patrick Button said...

I can't imagine how someone could dispassionately condemn an infant to death.